Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sonia Azad wins award for best hair in Texas

Current WFAA anchor/reporter and former KTRK abc13 reporter Sonia Azad wins hair-raising award!

My Dallas - Fort Worth readers already know how great Sonia Azad is doing since she left Houston's abc13 KTRK and joined WFAA in the mighty Metroplex.

Today, she is doing even better.


She won a HAIRRY award from the site This means the site has determined Azad has the best hair of a female TV journalist in Texas.

Guess she pushes her Lone Star EMMY statuette aside and replaces it with this prestigious TV News award.

"Another line to add to the resumé 😜🤣 I won a HAIRRY," Azad posted on Facebook. "I dedicate this award to all the stylists at Drybar Dallas & my girl ERIN at Lure Salon for keeping me on point."

So how do TV reporters and anchors win?

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it.

There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back.

As hair experts, we scour multiple images and video from all of our potential winners. Then we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to eventually narrow it down to one HAIRRY Winner and one HAIRRY Runner-Up.

Here is the listing for Azad's honor:

Sonia’s hair is beyond spectacular. Like, once we saw a sunset in Hawaii where dolphins jumped and splashed on the horizon while parrots flew in the pink sky, and Azad’s hair is way better than that sunset.

This perfect brunette has full and voluminous hair that wonderfully shapers her face and makes her eyes pop with light! If you’re looking for #hairgoals – look no further than Sonia Azad. Just understand that you won’t be able to have hair as good. Sorry. 😉

Sonia Azad is a reporter (and occasional anchor) for ABC 8 in Texas. In addition to being a HAIRRY-Award, Azad is also an EMMY-Award winner. So, basically, Azad wins a lot.

When it comes to channel 13, there must be something in the water that causes fantastic follicles.

In 2016, KTRK abc13 anchor Erik Barajas, was honored with a HAIRRY: Local Newsmen With The Best Hair award.

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