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Monday, May 09, 2016

Chip Brewster joins KPRC 2

Chip Brewster leaves KPRC 2

KPRC 2 hires Chip Brewster of WITI Milwaukee to be its new lifestyle reporter

After KPRC 2 morning feature Ruben Galvan left for California, channel 2 has been searching for his replacement, and has learned it now has one.

Chip Brewster of WITI Milwaukee is joining KPRC as the new morning news lifestyle reporter a station source tells me. He had the same job as the WITI "Real Milwaukee" feature reporter.

Most of these job arrival posts are all the same. I list stations worked and college attended. But Brewster has millions more things to write about in his past. Check this part out from his station bio:

After 5 years in the Illinois Army National Guard I moved into the Army Reserve as a sergeant. Originally with the 484th Army Band based in Milwaukee, in September 2015 I accepted a promotion to staff sergeant and the transfer that came with it. I now play saxophone with the 85th Army Band based in the Chicago area. That transitions nicely into my love for music. Saxophone is without a doubt my primary instrument but I also have a passion for drum set and drum line, piano, guitar and I dabble on flute and clarinet… DABBLE. You’ll likely never see me jammin’ on a flute.

Being former military, it's no surprise that Brewster competes in challenge runs. He's also into motorcycles.

Also interesting, in an industry where constant moving is a big part of life, Brewster has managed to hold on to the same lucky lady since high school...his now wife Susan.

Before Milwaukee, Brewster worked at WIFR 23 in Rockford, Illinois.

In what would be a perfect newsroom to learn about feature reporting, Brewster started his news career as a writer on WGN Chicago's morning newscast.

Brewster attended Illinois State University. See which former Houston anchor also graduated from ISU.

I'm told Brewster's first day at KPRC will be June 6th.

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