Friday, December 01, 2017

Chip Brewster leaves KPRC 2

Today is KPRC 2 feature reporter Chip Brewster's last day.

On a Facebook page post from earlier this week, Brewster said he is leaving and heading back home to Chicago.

At this point Brewster says he does not have a job lined up.

Brewster came to Houston in May 2016 from FOX6 WITI "Real Milwaukee." Before Milwaukee, Brewster worked for WIFR 23 in Rockford, Illinois.

He started his news career as a writer on WGN Chicago's morning newscast and attended Illinois State University.

In the middle of November, KPRC 2 weekend anchor Anoushah Rasta also departed to be closer to home and her family.

Here is Brewster's Facebook note:

"As a local broadcaster it's part of the job to move from city to city but I’ll tell you, it’s never easy saying goodbye. To all my fans, my time in Houston is coming to a close. This will be my last week on the airwaves of KPRC. This truly, no exaggeration, has been a life-changing experience here in Texas.

During my time I’ve had the chance to cover a super bowl, world series, historic hurricane, the rodeo (and four days of trail riding), ride-along with the Thunderbirds, all while working day to day to bring you positive stories about the community around you. Thank you for welcoming me into your home every night and letting me share these stories with you.

“But, but, but…. Where are you going?!” haha – I’m heading home! Though I don’t have a job lined up yet, I’m moving back to the Chicago area. AND DON’T WORRY! This page will not fall silent. This is MY Facebook Page and I will continue to post and update the goings-on in my life here. :D

Your support has been invaluable. I can’t thank you enough for your reactions, shares, comments and for simply liking my page to begin with. I hope you stick with me as the TV adventure continues!!"

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