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Friday, October 02, 2015

Dominique Sachse reveals all on YouTube

KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse has already conquered TV, so why not YouTube too?

Last year, KPRC 2 mega star anchor Dominique Sachse launched her own YouTube channel and it only proves the traditional media folks can conquer the new one. With nearly 43,000 subscribers and counting, Sachse is amassing quite the digital audience.

Now, I don't usually watch her channel's videos unless I'm prepping on getting my glam metal band "IFB" back together since most of the topics cover hair and makeup trends/advice. But this week, Sachse did a Q&A with viewers which gave us more insight into the anchor's life. Oh, and if the answers aren't revealing enough, it appears she records from her elegant home bathroom.

First of all, did you know Sachse's first name came from the work of Ayn Rand? That's right...taken from the character of Dominique Francon in The Fountainhead! Here's the CliffsNotes version.

Sachse also answers questions on her blended family, her favorite color to wear, dealing with haters who "have keyboard courage," and even her tattoos? Well, just watch to find out more about the last one. And no, it's not this tattoo.

Overall, I think you will find it a pretty uplifting and honest video. Personally I need to follow her advice and get more sleep. Enjoy!

And here is a personal tease...I'm going to use Sachse's social media work as a person to emulate in my "Creating Your Brand Through the Power of Social Media" presentation this weekend. It all goes down at the "NewsGathering: Diversity in the Digital Age" conference taking place at Rice University on Saturday.

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