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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hudson and Harrigan returning to Houston radio?

Randy Hames, who played Irv Harrigan on 100.3 KILT's Hudson and Harrigan for three decades, will fill-in for Sam Malone; and maybe we'll get an appearance by "Hudson" too

Just as my post about Corey Foley's sudden departure from The New Bull @ 100.3 KILT has been a well read story on my blog for a month, we now get news on someone from the morning show that was an institution before her's.

Randy Hames
Randy Hames
Randy Hames, who played the last Irv Harrigan for nearly three decades on KILT's long running Hudson and Harrigan show, is making a return to the Houston airwaves (KLOL's Mark Stevens and Jim Pruett also took on the Hudson and Harrigan roles in the 1970s).

Salem Radio Houston's KNTH “AM 1070, The Answer” has hired Hames to fill in for morning man Sam Malone when he goes on vacation later this month. Hames' first Houston radio appearance since his days as Irv Harrigan will be Friday, May 30th on The Sam Malone Show from 7am to 10am.

"I've admired Sam's work dating all the way back to KRBE, and have always been intrigued by his transition from disc jockey to talk show host - something I've aspired to, as well," Hames told "This will offer me the chance to make that leap, and I fully intend to make the most of it. I'm definitely a conservative, but I'm a bit more moderate than Sam, so his listeners may take exception with some of my opinions, but then again - that's what talk radio is all about, isn't it?"

This appearance on the Malone show will be Hames' return to Houston radio, but not radio in general. He hosted two nationally syndicated shows on the TKO Radio Network from 2010 to 2012.

"This is a completely different platform from my 30 years on the Hudson and Harrigan Show, and I will not be using the name Irv Harrigan," Hames explained to me. "Those were fun, heady days at KILT, where we dominated morning ratings for many years, but they are far behind me now. I do miss the guy who I was teamed up with on that show. He and I have been friends and radio business partners for 40 years. I'm hopeful I can talk him into making a cameo appearance on the Sam Malone Show, and we can rehash old comedy bits and relive some magical moments we shared on the air."

As for Fred Olson, who played Mac Hudson, Hames said his former partner is living the good life on his ranch far away from the hustle and bustle of radio.

These days, Hames is running a multi-media company called Edgewater Studios in Sugar Land, TX. He even gets to work with his son and daughter.

"We are well-qualified and equipped to provide the highest quality audio, video, photography and graphic design projects for everyone from large corporations to small companies," said Hames. "We've already produced several label-ready music projects for artists in genres ranging from hard rock to country to inspirational to urban."

Hames is not the only former Houston radio staffer to land at the Salem Radio Houston studios. Others include Chuck Tiller, Colonel St. James, Tom Fontaine, Marsha Lambeth, Ron Samuels, Mike Shiloh and others.

"I spent 10 years as the producer of the Hudson and Harrigan Show," said Chuck Tiller, Operations Manager at Salem Broadcasting. "It is with extreme pleasure that I was able to hire him as the Sam Malone Show fill-in guest host."

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