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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help Mike McGuff win money for children's charity

All you have to do is go vote on Reliant Energy's Facebook page and I get $2,500 for non-profit Home Run Hitters International:

Monday afternoon I participated in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Reliant Rodeo Round-Up. Basically it is a media related challenge event where non-profits were the real winners thanks to Reliant Energy's generosity with its checkbook.

I was up against such media heavy hitters as KTRK 13's Casey Curry, Fox 26 KRIV's Melissa Wilson (Sic 'em Bears), KPRC 2's Randy McIlvoy, Maria Todd, Joey Guerra/Joy Sewing of the Houston Chronicle...etc.

Teams competed the following events:
Hats in a Row – tossing bean bags into cowboy hats at various distances
Name that Tune - listening to portions of popular country music songs and being the first to “buzz in” and correctly name the tune
Finish the Lyrics – singing the rest of the lyrics to popular country music songs after a clip of the song is played
Needle in a Haystack – scouring through a stack of hay (yes, it’s real hay) to find as many rodeo items as you can in 60 seconds

I played for Home Run Hitters International (video I made for the nonprofit embedded above) with my challenge partner Christina Baker. Just by being there, we got the nonprofit $500 from Reliant, but now is your chance to help us win the online Hard Luck Prize. As you might imagine, my alternative college radio DJing did not prepare me for the Name that Tune or Finish the Lyrics events for the win.

All you have to do is go vote on Reliant Energy's Facebook page and I get $2,500 for Home Run Hitters International:

Looks like you can vote once a day. And make sure to spread the word!

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