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Monday, November 14, 2011

WFAA's MoRon, Austin anchor working at Home Depot and more

WFAA 8 scores again with its latest Ron Corning morning promo.

- Penn State Rioters Destroy WTAJ News Van
- VIDEO: KGW Crew Berated, Shoved At Occupy Portland
- Video: Meteorologist Belches in Middle of Forecast
- Man Nearly Saws Face Off During Live News Report
- Authors@Google: Tom Brokaw
- Eddie Murphy Talks To Jimmy Fallon About SNL And Leather Suits

Diane Sawyer surprise toasts Dave Ward
For fans of the venerable ABC Channel 13 news anchor Dave Ward, Tony's wine room was the place to be earlier this week when his wife, Laura Ward, hosted a luncheon celebrating his 45 years with KTRK Ch. 13.
- Rah rah: KTRK lauds soccer stadium "business boom"

Happy birthday, Stephen: KHOU 11 News reporter has an 11/11/11 baby
A lot of people consider Friday’s date – 11/11/11 – to be lucky. That was definitely the case for KHOU 11 News reporter Allison Triarsi. She and her husband welcomed their newborn son Friday morning.

TV personality Fred Cantu working at Home Depot
A sign of a tough economy? Fred CantĂș, one of Austin's most beloved TV news personalities, is working part time at Home Depot because he needs the money.

Hard Times Hit the Chronicle: Restrooms Cleaned Just Twice a Day, Unbleached Towels and Defrost Your Own Damn Refrigerators
​The Houston Chronicle has been hit with the same rough economy as others in the print media. Sometimes that leads to layoffs. Sometimes it leads to cutting back on the janitorial services.
- Fleck retiring from Houston Chronicle

Cowboys fans lose their CBS telecast
Fans watching the Cowboys on KENS missed much of the second half Sunday when the CBS network feed switched to a different game late in the third quarter of the Cowboys' 44-7 victory against Buffalo.

105.3 The Fan Opens Restaurant on The Ticket’s Turf
Just as Cumulus gets ready to move four of its stations — The Ticket, KLIF, i93, and The Wolf — to Victory Plaza, 105.3 The Fan decides to open a restaurant right in The Ticket’s new backyard.

New traffic reporter needed at KXAN
The “Help wanted” sign is up at KXAN. The station is searching for a new traffic reporter following the departure of Debra Wynn.

8 questions with Anderson Cooper
While visiting Dallas for a sit-down dinner with the Jansing family for his new talk show "Anderson," Anderson Cooper stopped by the WFAA studios Friday and answered eight questions for the team.

I Want My LHN ...
If You Can’t See It, You Don’t Miss it.

Hiott named new editor of Austin’s Statesman
Debbie Hiott, who began her career at the American-Statesman as a reporting intern while in college, was named editor of the newspaper.

- Charlie Rose and Gayle King in CBS ‘Early’ Plan
- Disney Posts 4% Broadcasting Revenue Gain
- Disney CEO: DVRs increase TV viewing
- Jeff Probst’s Talk Show Picked Up By NBC Stations, Cleared In 55% Of US
- Chris Wragge Rejoins WCBS Full-Time, As CBS Again Overhauls ‘The Early Show’
- Occupy Oakland Protestors Attack KGO Cameraman For Shooting Video of Murder Scene
- How Did 27 Stations End Up With Identical Scripts For a Story About Conan O’Brien?
- Local TV mobile cams not much more than moving hype machines that add little to broadcasts
-'Repo Games' plays tricks on the down and out
- What Busy Moms Sneak In...TV Time
- It Was Only a Test, but What a Test
- Utah mayor used alias to write upbeat news stories
- Piers Morgan to Leave Talent Show

- Jim Romenesko, Media News Blogger, Resigns From Poynter
- Texas newspaper begins printing Twitter, Facebook contacts with each story
- Who really owns TV talent’s social media accounts?
- Datasphere’s Cowan on How TV Stations Are Going Hyperlocal Online
- 5 new challenges for media companies using Google Plus

- Dave Ward hits 45 years at KTRK 13, wanting more
- Houston classic TV host come together on KUHT 8
- What does 740 KTRH think of News92 FM KROI?
- Marvin Zindler's family fighting pancreatic cancer
- News 92 FM KROI's launch delayed, plus more details
- PHOTO: Tom Koch and Don Nelson serving drinks
- PHOTO: Pot of gold at Houston Municipal Courts building?

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