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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What does 740 KTRH think of News92 FM KROI?

If you are a regular reader of, you've seen me blog several times about the upcoming News92 FM KROI which I first told you about right after the news was made public.

So what does 740 KTRH think about this new FM news station coming to Houston?

After all, KTRH has been the dominant news station for years (with talk mixed in too). But you might remember how KTRH dumped the NewsRadio slogan for NewsTalk over the summer in a re-branding effort after firing Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard and replacing them with Matt Patrick and Lois Melkonian. Some might say the results have not been what was expected.

Well, I think we can tell what KTRH is thinking about News92 now.

Go to and you will see the NewsTalk logo replaced with the old NewsRadio one. Have not noticed the NewsRadio slogan mentioned on air yet though.

Then I happened to notice two Clear Channel job openings for a news reporter/anchor and a part-time news reporter anchor at KTRH.

Coincidence? Or is this the station beefing up its troops for an all out news radio war with KROI? Personally, I want to see an all out news radio war! I've talked to other media types who are hoping for the same.

After President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the concept of competition in radio has slowly disappeared. That's why Radio One going up against Clear Channel for a news audience is so exciting. And what's great, it looks like Clear Channel will be answering back.

The fun begins November 14 when News92 signs on the air with Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard back behind the microphones together. I'll be jumping in the trenches to cover the battle.

Clear Channel declined to comment for this post.


  1. As a media planner and buyer this is an exciting thing to watch. We'll see what happens!

  2. I'd rather hear the news on a clear FM channel, vs. the crackly AM radio waves.

  3. I am SUPER excited to see a news radio station back in Houston. Clear Channel has really done a disservice to Houstonians in reducing their coverage and I cannot wait to see how Radio One will take on this challenge. With an All-Star staff, they can't go wrong, right?

  4. I can hardly wait for 92 News Radio to get started. I already have my radio station set...tuned in and ready to hear the news being reported by two familure voices whom I have grown up listening to... Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard. Bye bye 740 KTRH AM that crackels and reception is lost everytime you pass the light rail or pull into a garage or over pass. I do not need "talk radio" giving me my opinion...thanks anyway!

  5. News 92 won't last. It's going to be an overpriced mess. Aren't Lana and J.P. close to retirement age? And who are the 'all stars'? None of the 'fabulous line-up' have made a significant impact in the media so I don't get it. I'll stick with KTRH. They might not do news 24 hours a day, but why would you want that? At least the reporters on KTRH are funny

  6. I'm looking forward to to News 92. They've really got a class act going on over there. It will be interesting to hear Lana and JP doing what they love on another station. The only bright spot on KTRH morning's is the Connected girl. She's funny. News 92 should offer her a gig.

  7. I too am looking forward to the new station format. Maybe it will be so successful that they could take back KTRH, and then, they could have both! We need REAL news, not fluff!! I have listened to KTRH for over 40 years, and stopped when the format / people changed. I will be listening on the 21st!!

  8. This station will be a big draw for the 55+ crowd, but who, exactly, will spend big $$$ to advertise? There's only so much AARP, Viagra and Hair Club for Men money out there. Sorry folks, but the day when radio news mattered ended with the iPhone and docking ports in our cars. This will collapse under its own weight.


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