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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Houston classic TV host come together on KUHT 8

I was pretty happy to see this email from the folks at KUHT 8 Houston PBS. Producer/host Ernie Manouse will sit down with such beloved Houston personalities as Joanne King Herring (The Joanne King Show), Warner Roberts (The Warner Roberts Show), Jan Glenn (Good Morning Houston), Harold Gunn (Captain Harold's Theater of the Sky), Jim Bernhard (The Greenroom) and Doug Johnson (KPRC News) to share stories and memories from the golden age of Houston television.

The show called A Conversation on Houston Classic TV will air 8pm on November 18 on KUHT 8. The show as produced as a local complement to the national, four-part PBS series, American in Primetime, which looks at today’s popular programs through the lens of classic television shows.

“Since its inception, television has served as a lens on American society. Outside of the big networks, communities across the nation, like Houston, often found their own voice in local television shows,” says Emmy-award winner Ernie Manouse. “Not only was Houston home to the first educational television station (KUHT), some of the local shows garnered national attention (The Joanne King Show), and often beat the national competition in the ratings.”

A Conversation on…is an award-winning series of specials produced by HoustonPBS. In addition to the episode featuring classic television personalities, the station will also present, A Conversation on Art and Film, a discussion on the importance of cinema with local and national producers and filmmakers participating in the Cinema Arts Festival Houston. The show will air at 8pm, Friday, November 11 on HoustonPBS/Channel 8.

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