Friday, November 11, 2011

PHOTO: Pot of gold at Houston Municipal Courts building?

City of Houston Municipal Courts Building rainbow

They say the end of the rainbow is where the pot of gold is and after seeing this photo my wife snapped, I think that's true. For the building that appears to be at the end of this rainbow just so happens to be the City of Houston Municipal Courts building at 1400 Lubbock right across I-45 from downtown.

I know people have turned over plenty of gold to the traffic courts there over the years!

 Now this post would have taken a stranger twist if the rainbow had landed at the building next door at 61 Riesner which is the Houston Police Department station. What would that have meant?


  1. It's a pot of gold for all those HPD officers giving themselves overtime every time they write a ticket

  2. if the rainbow had ended at the Houston PD station I would have raced over there for my pot of gold because they have handcuffs that could just lock me up in bondage.

    safety word is banana.

  3. The Municipal Courts Building has been a "pot of gold" (revenue source) for the City of Houston for many years. So that rainbow is not out of place.


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