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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shara Fryer returns to Houston TV on Fox 26 KRIV

UPDATE 8/8/2012
Shara Fryer joins 740 KTRH

Former KTRK 13 anchor Shara Fryer made a return to Houston television this morning on Fox 26 KRIV. She anchored throughout the entire six hours from what I understand and did segments ranging from world affairs, politics to cooking:

Fryer interviewed Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, served as a moderator as political expert Mustafa and body language/handwriting expert Alice Weiser analyzed the GOP Presidential debate, learned about both white and red wines made in southeast Texas, and joined Danny Trace, executive chef at Brennan's of Houston, as he prepared some receipes with wine. WATCH ALL OF HER VIDEO SEGMENTS

Wow, I'm sure lots of Houston TV viewers were happy to have her back. The fact Fryer's former KTRK news director Tom Doerr is now at KRIV probably helped coax her back in front of the camera.

Before you get too excited though, I'm told this is only a one time appearance.

In no way am I equating a longtime news pro like Fryer with a dog, but I should note that KPRC 2 is also bringing back a familiar face tonight at 10pm. That's right, Radar The Weather Dog will be back on channel 2's news. The station is even accepting questions about him on its Facebook page. I recently posted that KPRC's Rick McFarland is actually Radar's owner.

UPDATE 8/8/2012
Shara Fryer joins 740 KTRH

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