Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Former KTRK 13 staffers talk Marvin Zindler's legacy (PHOTOS)

Here are photos of former Eyewitness News KTRK 13 anchor Shara Fryer, former KTRK 13 weatherman Ed Brandon, Zindler’s former Action 13 producer Lori Reingold, KTRK 13 photographer Bob Dows and Dr. Joseph Agris of the Agris-Zindler Children’s Fund discussing Marvin Zindler's legacy at Rice University in Houston last Wednesday. There is also a photo of Dan Zindler (one of Marvin's sons) who was in attendance.

This is the event I blogged about last week.

If you like this...then check back right here on mikemcguff.com in the next few days for three videos of different Marvin Zindler topics from the discussion. These are stories I never heard even after working at the station.

Also here is a little bit of other news...Dr. Joseph Agris told me before the discussion started that he was thinking about running for political office. He is setting his sights high. Dr. Agris says he is contemplating running for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's soon to be empty seat.

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  1. Question from an out-of-towner: Is Lori still at 13? If so, is she still working with Action 13?

  2. No, Lori works for Memorial Hermann now.

  3. Lela Pittenger is also another candidate that is running for the Texas state senate. Her views are very intriguing and worth considering. You should research her stance on the issues, I think that you might agree with her common sense approach.


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