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Friday, July 08, 2011

Former Talk 650 KIKK host Brent Clanton lands at 700 KSEV

Talk 650 KIKK control room shot
Big changes came to Talk 650 KIKK and former morning man Brent Clanton has already landed a new radio home.

"I am pleased to announce that beginning Monday, July 11, I will be joining the team at AM700/KSEV, 'The Voice of Texas,' in the capacity of Account Executive and real live Radio talk show host," Clanton said in an email statement. "I am excited about this move, only 50-kilocycles to the right of my former dial position."

I am not exactly sure what time slot Clanton will appear on State Senator Dan Patrick's radio station, but we'll obviously find out soon enough. Clanton adds he is working on reviving the Breakfast Broadcast Series.

Now we'll be expecting to hear from Clanton's co-host Steven Kay on his future plans.

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