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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

KPRC 2 meteorologist Jonathan Novack is leaving

The rumors of a change in the KPRC Local 2 weather center are true. It turns out weekend evening meteorologist, weather graphics producer and feature reporter Jonathan Novack is leaving the station. Jonathan Novack is on ABC's The Bachelorette.

"I will be hard-pressed to find a city with nicer people and better food," Novack told the blog. "I've certainly made some incredible memories during my time in Houston and at KPRC Local2."

I am totally envious of Jonathan for one of his assignments. A few years ago he interviewed Metallica's Kirk Hammett at SXSW. Hammett was impressed by Novack's Flip Video camera.

I interviewed all the members of Metallica once, but it was only over satellite. I was in Houston looking at the band members on a live video feed and talking into their ear pieces wherever they were in California. They told me a memorable time in Houston was in 1986 or so when they played here during a freak ice storm (ironically for this post weather related).

Back on topic, Novack is being coy with what he's doing next career wise.

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