Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nefertiti Jaquez lands at KPRC 2 Houston

When I first heard Nefertiti Jaquez was coming to Houston's KPRC 2 from Fox 29 Philadelphia I figured she would get attention. That has proven true since I am already receiving reader inquiries about the new reporter on 2.

How could I predict Nefertiti Jaquez would get noticed quickly in Houston? Just go look at the fan club she had in Philly!

- Nefertiti Jaquez Facebook FANCLUB
- Nefertiti Jaquez Fan Site on YouTube
- Philly Daily News Names Nefertiti Jaquez "Sexiest"
- Nefertiti Jaquez has left the building

Yes she has obsessive fans up North, but what about her actual television news work? Here is one of her last stories at Fox 29 and one of her first at KPRC 2. You be the judge.

Not much else is known about Nefertiti right now. A KPRC rep says there was not much information on her at this time and since she just got here - no online bio yet.

Here's to hoping Nefertiti Jaquez has as many fans in Houston as she did in Philadelphia. I will try to control myself and refrain from starting a Nefertiti fan Twitter account like someone did for Jennifer Reyna.

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