Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna rated daily on Twitter

It is no secret that KPRC 2 traffic anchor Jennifer Reyna has lots of fans. In fact my neighbor told me he switched from KTRK to KPRC because of Jennifer.  So it is no surprise that there are Internet chat room threads dedicated to her and she made this list.

Now there is an entire Twitter account devoted to the freeway reporter.

The account's bio reads "Dedicated to the traffic hottie Jennifer Reyna on Houston's KPRC Local 2." And it really is. The tweets list what she wears everyday and gives it a rating. This twitterer must be channeling the ghost of Mr. Blackwell.

Here are the account's latest tweets:
"Mad Plaid. Plaid brown top and brown pants. It's busy for a Monday, but still tight and hot. 8.0!"
"Morning sunshine. Bright yellow shirt, black dress and white belt = 6.5. Little better than average, but hey its casual Friday."

My prediction, Jennifer will be anchoring a KPRC newscast soon. Why? Remember the former KPRC morning traffic reporter that was very popular and had a lot of buzz? How can you forget her? She is the main anchor of KPRC - Dominique Sachse!

(Thanks Jason!)


  1. Mike McGuff, I see that Dr. Oz has taken over the 3 PM slot on KPRC-TV, Channel 2, but what happened to the Dr. Phil show ?

    Did they cancel Dr. Phil or something or move it to another Houston station ?

    Please get back and tell us what happened to Dr. Phil thanks.

  2. TJ Aulds reminds me that Don Armstrong also made that leap.

  3. @Blue Dogs for Perry 2010, I have contacted KPRC to find out.

  4. Here is KPRC's response:

    "As of Monday September 14th, Dr. Phil is no longer on our schedule. Currently we do not have additional information on when the Dr. Phil program might air. The 3pm time slot has been filled by a new program: Dr. Oz, which we think folks will enjoy watching. It's a very fun, smart, and informative program."


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