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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chili's closes at Meyer Park

Here comes another big casualty at Houston's Meyer Park.  Believe it or not, Chili's has closed it's doors for good.  I find that strange because the restaurant was always so crowded.  Meyer Park security told me it closed in late February and the staff members were transferred to other area locations.

There go the memories. Super TV producer Adam Darsky and I both had our first dates at that Chili's location.  No, we were not dating each other. But seriously, this was the big teen hangout in southwest Houston.  Then the Meyer Park AMC shuttered its doors and things were never the same (just ignore all of those negative stories about the place - we're reminiscing here!).

Mexican restaurant Pablano's has also closed nearby.  Some of you may remember my recent post about TCBY closing down at Meyer Park too.  Is this shopping area becoming the Meyerland Plaza of the early 90s? Will it rise like the phoenix from the ashes of consumer indifference once the economy improves in the future?

Good thing Beck's Prime is opening in Meyerland! It's still opening right? CONTACT: Leave me a Houston or Texas media news tip | COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here