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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Jacob Rascon debuts as anchor on KPRC 2

Sofia Ojeda returns to KPRC weekend morning anchor desk

We've been watching the promos for weeks, you've seen him report and now we get the official KPRC 2 anchor debut of Jacob Rascon along side Anoushah Rasta and Eric Braate who was filling in for Khambrel Marshall.

As I mentioned last weekend, Rascon is replacing Sofia Ojeda on the weekend morning anchor desk.

His last name kinda sounds familiar...right? Do you think he is related to anyone else on Houston TV?

I have never seen a weekend morning anchor receive this much publicity before his debut.

Then again...not many anchors show up fresh from working as NBC News correspondents.

Although channel 2's Keith Garvin did have ABC News correspondent experience in his past before his return to local TV.

I expect big things for Rascon at channel 2.

OK...I was just messing with you up top. Yes, he is the son of abc13 KTRK anchor Art Rascon.

You might be able to swap them, and if I didn't have my glasses on, I might not even notice. Then again, that might be why I'm writing a Houston media blog and not the inventor of Facebook.

No doubt Art is a proud papa.

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