Monday, January 02, 2017

A change for Mix 96.5 KHMX

The New 92.1 Radio Now replaces Boom 92.1 KROI
Radio One Houston has responded to Hot 95.7 KKHH flipping to 95.7 The Spot by blowing up Boom 92.1 KROI and making it The New 92.1 Radio Now Houston's LIT Music Station

NASA's Third Rock Radio now broadcasts on 96.5 KHMX HD2

As I wrote yesterday, there are lots of format change rumors for Mix 96.5 KHMX going around for 2017. And it doesn't help that the station is promising a "New Year, New Mix" on its Facebook page.

So as the CBS Radio Houston station teases us, we'll just have to wait and listen to see what, if anything, actually happens.

In the meantime however, I can report an actual change concerning KHMX...this time on 96.5 HD2.

Third Rock Radio, NASA's online radio station, powered by RFC Media right here in H-Town, is now airing on 96.5 KHMX HD2. The online radio outlet started in 2011, which promises to broadcast the best new rock on the planet, is produced under a NASA Space Act Agreement with RFC Media of Houston. It was created to help cultivate new interest in STEM among hard-to-reach young Americans. Since then, astronauts have used it to broadcast and rock from outer space.

This news brings to mind the great 101 KLOL vs 97 Rock radio war of the 1980s I'm covering in my upcoming KLOL documentary. RFC Media founder, Pat Fant, was the guy who put KLOL on the air back in the 1970s. He and his KLOL colleagues did everything in their power to destroy 97 Rock. The KSRR staff returned the favor until the end.

And now one of Fant's creations is on KHMX which was 97 Rock KSRR all those years ago! And a few weeks ago, Moby retired from radio. Connected? Only in the mind's of Houston radio conspiracy theorists I guess.

As for Houston’s Smooth Jazz 96.5 HD2 The Wave, what use to be on KHMX HD2, just move one up to HD3 from now on. For those who did not know, since Hot 95.7 replaced 95.7 The Wave KHJZ back in 2008, the smooth jazz station has survived this whole time on HD radio. At one time there was a Houston HD Radio smooth jazz war! Amazing, 95.7 The Wave has actually survived on air longer than Hot 95.7 KKHH which was just flipped to 95.7 The Spot.

Since we're talking HD Radio, I can also report that Energy 95.7 HD 2 is still on the air playing the latest in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Yep, Houston actually does have an EDM station. Remember Houston's Energy 96.5 KNRJ? With all the KHMX rumors, I bet we can scratch that one of the list.

By the way, if you're not around an HD receiver, stream Third Rock Radio over the Internet at

RFC Media is a world leader in creating customized, content-driven, brand-focused radio stations for businesses, organizations, and institutions. With live programming and strategic messaging that is targeted to specific audiences, RFC Media redefines and revolutionizes traditional Internet radio by helping clients create an interactive, multidimensional experience that builds, sustains, and deepens relationships with their customers.

The New 92.1 Radio Now replaces Boom 92.1 KROI
Radio One Houston blows up Boom 92.1 KROI for The New 92.1 Radio Now Houston's LIT Music Station


  1. Coco Dominguez confirmed she was laid off from 95.7 in one of her Facebook posts. I could see her working full-time at Fox 26!

    1. Obviously, they don't require talent, education, etc. Just fake boobs, hair, tons of makeup , dress like a stripper and be the right ethnicity to make all the unattractive men happy , as well as the people who aren't very intelligent, or lack taste. Kind of sad that there are so many talented, well- educated women with class who can't get TV jobs. They pose too much of a threat! Wonder what she is going to do if they hire a man, or woman who values things that matter, or what she is going to do in a few years when fake things can't help.

  2. Could be some speculation KHMX might flip into 96.5, AMP-FM. As it declares war on 104 KRBE. Just like KVIL made its flip from AC to Top 40 up there in Dallas-As it battles with its longtime leader in Hit Music, KHKS (KISS-FM)

  3. That's just not happening. The rumors and speculation are all fun to read, but take it from the horse's mouth, Mix stays Mix for the 27th year. It's actually Boom 92 that is picking up CHR. New website is to be Tomorrow is what we over at the competition have been told will be the launch of the new "92.1 Now". Rest assured, with the C1 signal of KROI being chosen as the facility to carry contemporary hits for Radio One, no one is losing any sleep over it.

  4. Not happening Troy. CHR is debuting on the competitor, if you'd consider a C1 that doesn't cover half of the market "competition". New website is Go to that address and all your questions will suddenly be answered.


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