Tuesday, May 03, 2016

VIDEO: Is Samica Knight having a boy or girl? The big reveal...

After two cupcakes, curious co-anchors and Facebook Live...now we know if it's a boy or girl for KTRK abc13 anchor Samica Knight

 photo samicaknight_cupcake_zpsymim9zii.jpg

Ready with a pink and blue cupcake, her co-anchors and a Facebook Live audience, KTRK abc13 anchor Samica Knight revealed the big question this morning...is she having a boy or a girl?

Before you watch the video embedded below...gender spoiler alert...it's a boy. And Rey is really a Skywalker (OK, the last spoiler I'm just guessing).

Co-anchor Tom Koch immediately suggested the name "Tommy Travis."

Knight says she is excited about a boy because her family is full of girls at this point.

Patricia Lopez closed out the broadcast by joking in 10 months, they'll reassemble to do a video on guessing the sex of Katherine Whaley's baby.

BTW, did you see Katherine Whaley's wedding photos I posted last night?


  1. why do these media personalities types think that the public care about their offspring gender????

  2. I'm so tired of seeing pictures and videos of Samica's baby bump. Congratulations, but nobody cares except you and your family.


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