Tuesday, May 03, 2016

VIDEO: Is Samica Knight having a boy or girl? The big reveal...

After two cupcakes, curious co-anchors and Facebook we know if it's a boy or girl for KTRK abc13 anchor Samica Knight

 photo samicaknight_cupcake_zpsymim9zii.jpg

Ready with a pink and blue cupcake, her co-anchors and a Facebook Live audience, KTRK abc13 anchor Samica Knight revealed the big question this she having a boy or a girl?

Before you watch the video embedded below...gender spoiler's a boy. And Rey is really a Skywalker (OK, the last spoiler I'm just guessing).

Co-anchor Tom Koch immediately suggested the name "Tommy Travis."

Knight says she is excited about a boy because her family is full of girls at this point.

Patricia Lopez closed out the broadcast by joking in 10 months, they'll reassemble to do a video on guessing the sex of Katherine Whaley's baby.

BTW, did you see Katherine Whaley's wedding photos I posted last night?

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