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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Doug Miller leaving KHOU 11 after 23 years

Legendary Houston reporter Doug Miller leaving KHOU 11 after more than two decades at the station

Doug Miller
Doug Miller
Whenever I tweet a story from KHOU 11's website, it always seems the byline belongs to reporter Doug Miller. That's no accident considering Doug Miller has been one of Houston's finest reporters for 23 years at the CBS affiliate.

After two decades, Miller is leaving.

"Now I know how Biggio felt during his last game," Miller told "That television station on Allen Parkway has been very, very good to me. I was lucky enough to help build one of the nation's most respected local television newsrooms and that'll be in my DNA until the day I die."

While he says he is not retiring, he is taking that TEGNA buyout offer I blogged about several months ago (I hear several of the station's photographers will most likely follow him out the door).

Watch some of Doug Miller's amazing work during the April 18, 2016 Houston floods

The former Jeopardy! contestant has worked as a police reporter all the way to a newspaper editor during his decades in the Houston news trenches.

At age 16, Miller hosted a "Watergate-era" telephone talk show in El Paso. That led him to the University of Houston, where Miller lived in the dorm down the hall from CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz and prof golfer Fred Couples.

His journalism career continued and led him to the newsrooms of 740 KTRH, United Press International's Houston bureau and the Houston Business Journal. After he rose to the role of managing editor of the HBJ, Miller started filing daily business reports for channel 11's morning newscast. Those appearances led Miller to become a full-time reporter with the station in 1993.

During his KHOU time, Miller has worked as the station's Washington bureau chief where he covered the White House, Capitol Hill and various presidential campaigns. In 2007, Miller traded the streets for a desk in the KHOU newsroom when he was promoted to executive editor. But the call of the streets were too strong. About four years later, Miller returned to reporting.

"One of the moments I'll never forget was waking up in the middle of the night during Tropical Storm Allison and turning in the TV to see our newsroom was flooding," Miller recalled to me. "I knew my car would never make it through the streets. so I started walking to the station. As luck would have it, Jeff McShan happened to drive by in a live truck and picked me up."

I'm sure there are a lot of employers in the Bayou City who will jump at a chance to snatch up Miller, but in the meantime, I bet he will enjoy a lot of time at Minute Maid Park watching his Houston Astros.

"I've got a closet full of rain gear decorated with old KHOU logos," Miller added. "If they need me in a pinch, God help me, I'd probably still meet the live truck halfway."

There will be a retirement party for Miller next week. He says he will be reporting for the station a couple of more weeks.

* This post has been updated with Doug Miller's response about leaving KHOU 11

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  1. He is a class act.

  2. You are a class act Doug. I worked with Bill and several others who have done what you are doing now. Mike is right. You will not be unemployed for long. I look forward to seeing you at the next Astros Home game with Bruce Bryant and Dee Brown. Pat Patterson KHOU TV 66-68.

  3. I read your article a couple times, but couldn't find it. When is his last day?

    1. He'll be there for a couple of weeks.

  4. Another long time reporter and a good one who will be missed at the Station. I hope whomever takes his place covering what he has done and more things does a great job.

    Good luck Doug am sure will see you out there somewhere soon.

    Wonder who will be next and more

    Makes me think of some of the stuff today with Kobe's Last game as a Laker here in Houston and the talk of when you know it is time for change and more and to just walk away.

    A well respected player and a well respected Newsman/Reporter with Doug. Will be missed after leave the airwaves

  5. This sure puts Dave Ward's tenure in perspective. Doug is part of the old guard leaving TV news after 2 decades and Dave Ward is still in front of the camera after almost 5 decades. Let's see if Doug is almost 60, Dave Ward must be almost 90 years old. Wow!

    1. Dave Ward of Ch. 13 is 76 years old from what I've heard!

  6. KVUE is seeing turnover with TEGNA buyouts. Their GM is leaving after 17 years... their lead anchor is leaving, relocating to Dallas... their news director is on his way out... and now their chief meteorologist is calling it quits. Some may be thinking that TEGNA must be cleaning house. Not sure who else at KHOU had been offered the buyout, and who at WFAA may be getting the buyout.

    In Atlanta (my home market), the buyouts was reportedly offered to WXIA/WATL reporters Bill Liss, Donna Lowry, Kevin Rowson, and Keith Whitney, but not sure whether they're taking it or not, or whether any other WXIA/WATL veterans, like Jerry Carnes and Jon Shirek have been offered the buyout or not. Hmmm.

    1. Good luck in the future Doug!


  7. Good news about former KVUE news director Frank Volpicella, who took the TEGNA buyout package... he's landed in Atlanta at Meredith owned CBS station WGCL as their new news director. Volpicella starts in July, and is replacing departing news director Larry Perret. AJC media reporter Rodney Ho (Radio & TV Talk blog) and TV-Spy report. Volpicella also worked with WGCL GM Mark Pimmentel at WSB in the late 80s, and again at WAFF in the late 90s. WGCL is also parting ways with its senior EP as well.


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