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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jeff McShan leaves KHOU for Harris County District Attorney's Office PIO gig

Jeff McShan gives up KHOU for the Harris County District Attorney's Office PIO position

Jeff McShan
Jeff McShan
KHOU 11 reporter Jeff McShan is leaving the TV biz for the public information officer (PIO) position with the Harris County District Attorney's Office the BELO/Gannett Company station has confirmed to a vacationing

I have much respect for McShan. In fact, I just met him in person a few weeks ago and had a chance to tell him in person (at the time I did not know he was leaving TV).

McShan is a survivor. He's worked in news for the last 25 years. Before KHOU, where he has been for decades, McShan was the sports reporter at KTRK abc13. He dumped sports for news at KHOU and has really made a name for himself in breaking scoops ever since.

McShan is the the type of reporter who has his own camera and will go out at 3am by himself to shoot a big bust alongside law enforcement. Now that's dedication. Other Houston TV stations get angry about those scoops but respect him for them just the same.

According to his bio, McShan in a native Texan who grew up in Houston and graduated from Sharpstown High School. He attended both Texas A&M and Sam Houston State universities, graduating from the latter.

McShan's bio states, "Jeff strongly feels that his job is his public service to the community." That is why when I heard yesterday he was going to the DA's office, it made a lot of sense. He can continue that.

No word on when he is leaving KHOU. McShan did not respond to my questioning for my post.

Related to this story, since I went on a blogging vacation July 9th, KPRC 2's Mary Lee also has left the TV biz.

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  1. Been a fan of Jeff since he was back doing sports on Channel 13. I think he is a great talent and HC~DA's office is lucky to have him.

  2. Their gain is the public and news media's loss. A reporter with such integrity and responsibility is an endangered species.

  3. My favorite. You always know his high quality of reporting is the best. I will miss him very much. Maybe he can give KHOU a few scoops in the future.

  4. I worked with McShan when I worked there on the assignments desk. He is an amazing reporter and that's a huge loss for KHOU.

  5. Very good reporter..... really great person.....but a little known amazing dancer!!

  6. I worked with Jeff at a retail store during summer breaks and Christmas when he was a student at Sam Houston University , I could see his dedication and honesty even at that young age. I saw him again once at channel 11 when I went there I wish him the best at his new position

    Kamran Etemadi

  7. I'm prejudiced, (I'm Jeff's Cousin) but his personal integrity and work ethic will greatly serve Harris County. As a government teacher in Dallas, I only wish we could have him!


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