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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is Houston big enough for two Kevin Quinn's?

There can only be one...Kevin Quinn on air in H-Town

Kevin Quinn of KTRK
There is about to be a Texas shootout at high noon in downtown Houston in the next weeks. Most office workers won't notice because they will be hiding from the heat in the tunnel system.

On one side of Main Street will be abc13 KTRK reporter Kevin Quinn. On the other side, new 104.1 KRBE assistant program director and afternoon drive host Kevin Quinn who is coming in from 96.9 More WINK-FM Fort Myers.

The winner gets this prized broadcasting name and the chance to stay in H-Town. The loser must immediately get in a stolen Hermann Park paddle boat and make their way down Buffalo Bayou. I know this is weird, but I don't make the rules...Beyonce, the members of ZZ Top and Ken Hoffman do.

No seriously, Houston will have two Kevin Quinn's. The one that's been on KTRK-TV for a decade and the new one on KRBE-FM.

Kevin Quinn of KRBE
KTRK Quinn will call people to interview them for a hard news story and they will be disappointed when he doesn't show up to their house with a prize wheel and free koozies.

KRBE Quinn will show up to remotes at a cell phone store and customers will repeatedly yell "no comment" and shield their faces. It's going to mass chaos!

Newspaper man Mike Glenn and I talked about this on Twitter last night and realized that the name "Kevin Quinn" is probably owned by Disney...KTRK's parent company. Look for the Kevin Quinn 4D Spectacular Thrill Ride at a theme park near you in 2014. There will be made for TV Disney Channel movie of the same name too. Set your DVRs now.

Corporate media empire trademark protections aside...let the best Quinn win. By the way, former MTV VJ Martha Quinn will give the winner a congratulatory phone call alongside the members of Kajagoogoo!

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