Wednesday, October 07, 2015

FOX 26 KRIV gets graphics refresh

New FOX 26 KRIV graphics aren't square

FOX 26 KRIV said farewell to the 4x3 aspect ratio and hello to the 16x9 world in a little graphics refresh.

The station also, for now, got rid of the crawl at the bottom of the screen that said things like Notable because the station's new website is

And don't get me started on the myfox[insert city].com naming, that's a whole nother post. I may not be a Harvard educated marketing genius, but why if you are late to the Internet thing in many cities (like all the way to the mid-2000s in Houston) would you brand your website something totally different from the station? Essentially making your web marketing efforts even harder?!

Hey, what do I know...I guess? That's why I'm an armchair QB blogger.

Back on topic, the new graphics can be seen below.

 photo fox26_graphics-2015_1_zpswqpgzyot.jpg

 photo fox26_graphics-2015_2_zpsurnerovp.jpg


  1. At least most of the graphics are still 4:3 safe unlike KTRK and KHOU.

  2. Now, on a 4:3 screen, when Fox 26 does a wide shot of 4 people at the news desk, you only see a vertical one-half of the people on the left and right side.

  3. If you still have a 4:3 TV, then you deserve to see things chopped off. As long as Ilona Carson is HD, nothing else matters.

  4. So far, Fox has did a refresh of its November 2012 graphics.. and set makeovers at a few of its stations. With WTVT debuting its new set this week, hopefully Fox is planning set makeovers for its New York, Dallas, and Houston stations. I have predictions of possible set designers...

    KRIV: I could see FX set, similar to Orlando.
    KDFW: I could see Devlin set for sure.
    WNYW: I could see Jeff Hall set, similar to Los Angeles... unless WNYW chooses FX or Devlin over Jeff Hall.

    1. Will Fox 26 update their studio set anytime soon ?

  5. FOX 26 ratings will go up by the end of the year cause of Lindsey, Scarlett, and thee new graphics.

  6. Azteca 26 have the old studios picture on Stella link


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