Sunday, March 22, 2015

PICS: Don Nelson's retirement party

KTRK abc13 staff members past and present says goodbye to Don Nelson

Don Nelson has left KTRK abc13 but hadn't had an official retirement bash until Saturday night. It all went down just east of the station at the newly renovated The Marquis II.

Some of the folks I saw include Tom Koch, Melanie Lawson, Casey Curry, Wayne Dolcefino, Bob Martin "The Accountant to the Stars," Miya Shay, Deborah Wrigley, Katie McCall and many more.

From the past to the present, channel 13 employees from over the years showed up to support Nelson. In fact, I got so busy talking, I missed the opportunity to actually photograph Nelson! Well whoever said I was good at the party scene?

 photo DonNelson_3-22-2015-5_zpsnlgogroa.jpg

Don Nelson's last great act at KTRK abc13 - that we know of


  1. Don Nelson is a first-class broadcaster who delivered 100% for 39 years. We wish him our best in his well deserved retirement.

  2. Hey Mike, KHOU 11 is most likely to move Grace White to 4pm weekdays, Lauren Talarico to weekends, Grace White is most likely to join Len Cannon on the 4pm news, Lauren Talarico is most likely to join Rekha Muddaraj on the weekend news.

    1. Not surprised that Grace White is doing the 4:00pm weekday newscast with Len Cannon.

      Big question is what happens to Sher-Min Chow ?

      Also not surprised Lauren & Rekha are doing the weekend evening newscasts together!

  3. And Sharron Melton is about ready to leave KTRK 13 after Sonia Azad left and Don Nelson retired.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Shern-Min Chow will remain on the noon news when Grace White moves to 4pm and Lauren Talarico to weekend evenings at KHOU, And Sharron Melton is most likely to go to another station in San Antonio from KTRK 13 soon.

  6. Anon, so it's looking like Sharron is going back home to San Antonio!


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