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Friday, November 07, 2014

Wanna be sexy like Houston TV news anchors? - VIDEO

Mike McGuff's diet challenge goal to be hot like Houston TV anchors

If you've been following me on social media, then you know I'm participating in the Snap Kitchen #21DaysForGood healthy eating challenge. What does that mean? Snap Kitchen gives me breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks for 21 days and I talk about it to you.

In honor of the event, I made the above video which finally tells me what gluten is and more about the paleo diet I'm going on halfway through the challenge. Here I thought the paleo diet was me in a Texas barbecue place saying, "Me want more RIBS!!!!"

You really need to watch the video. In it, I have a dream where my head is superimposed on KHOU 11 anchor Greg Hurst's body. Consider that visual my goal. I mean, come one, Hurst is like a male model!

There is also a charity component attached where Snap could hand me $3,000 for my favorite charity. I chose Saint Thomas Episcopal School.

Oh yeah, for that part, I'm up against 20 other people in Houston, Austin and Dallas. And get this, in Houston I'm competing against social media light weights (sarcasm) like KHOU 11's Lily Jang and Chita Johnson. Good grief.

I'll be honest, I've never really dieted. You could probably tell that by looking at me. Now, I've had periods where I ate better and actually exercised, but I never was on the Atkins or something like that.

So far, things have been going well. My meal plan is gluten and dairy free. And get this, I've actually lost a few pounds and even cheated. Come on, I owe it to my son to at least eat a few pieces of his birthday cake. What kind of dad would I be if I abstained?!

Here are my goals for the diet:

1. I have never been on an official diet. My goal during the #21DaysForGood is to have the will power and determination to keep with it.

2. With a pre-planned diet that is designed for a healthy lifestyle, my goal is to compliment the food with good physical activity.

3. When it comes to food and nutrition I will admit I'm fairly clueless. During #21DaysForGood, I want to actually take a chance to learn about what I'm putting in my body.

Coming up next week, I have a big video interview with someone in Houston involved in healthy eating who is famous worldwide!

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  1. Sexy?
    Pffft. Sexy gets your ass kicked in a campaign headquarters.
    Go for The Wrigley Diet.

  2. Melissa Wilson is the only sexy anchor. The rest of the women are distant lookers, nags or scalpeled freaks (and Bill Ballezza fits the latter, too.) The male anchors are troglodyte idiots (Conflenti) or placeholders for the aforementioned prima donnas.
    And Jen Reyna has a role of her own - the most unqualified in Houston, the anchor most incapable of reading, and the most unattractive woman to be called pretty since Eva Longoria.

    1. If you have the guts to reply with all the negativity, have the stones to put your name behind the statements instead of being a huge coward and hiding behind the anonymity! Your comments carry no weight or credibility as you hide behind your toy box.


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