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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

PICS: KHOU 11's Chita Johnson with Texans cheerleaders

Sunday night, before Monday's total financial meltdown, I posted a photo of KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna with some Houston Texans cheerleaders. It was to cheer you up before you lost much of your 401K and other investments. It's the least I could do.

 So today, after the accounts have been largely wiped out, I offer you an entire web gallery of new KHOU 11 meteorologist Chita Johnson with the Houston Texans cheerleaders. It's becoming very apparent there are two camps forming in Houston. The lines are being drawn. Judging by comments on this blog and in other message boards, some Houston TV news viewers are going to one side of the line for Reyna and the other for Chita. Which side are you on?

 Like I said before, KHOU knows it has a powerful weapon with Chita. Now it is capitalizing by sending her to cheerleader practice. Smart move. And think of all those guys people clicking on these photos online. Maybe whomever hired Chita should replace Timothy Geithner and crew!

 And while you're here anyway, I noticed during Monday's Len at Work: A day in the life of a big rig trucker, Cannon was filmed wearing some fancy designer sunglasses. Click on the title to find out which designer protects this KHOU anchor's eyes! COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here