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Friday, October 03, 2014

KHOU 11 picks Tiffany Craig as new consumer reporter

After years without one, KHOU 11 moves reporter Tiffany Craig into consumer reporter role

Tiffany Craig
Tiffany Craig

KHOU 11 reporter Tiffany Craig is getting a different role at the Gannett station. Starting this month, Craig will be the station's new consumer reporter. It's a gig she hashtags as her dream job.

"Tiffany has done great work for us as a general assignment reporter, but she's already an old hand at consumer investigative reporting--that was Tiffany's assignment in Mobile before she came here and she did some award winning work," KHOU 11 Executive News Director Phil Bruce said in an internal station memo.

Craig wrote on Twitter the plan is for her to air stories three times a week in a variety of newscasts. As I learned while in the TV biz, plans quickly change.

The Houston CBS affiliate hasn't had a full-time consumer reporter in many years. To tell you how long ago it was, former consumer "Defender" Eileen Faxas used to ask viewers to *fax* her story ideas. Then again, maybe she used that line as a hook to her last name. Faxas left the station in 2005 to become a singer in Miami (more on her TV return below).

Craig joined KHOU back in 2010. As her bio states, she is no stranger to Houston.

Her family immigrated to the US from Scotland. While in the immigration line, KTRK Action 13's Marvin Zindler actually showed up to cover a story. She writes in her bio that actually made the line move faster. Craig thanked Zindler years later. (Click here to see another reporter who is in the TV biz thanks to Marvin).

In fact her TV career started at KTRK where she worked behind the scenes (I've heard she worked with Mia Gradney there). Craig later moved on to reporter positions at KVII's Amarillo, ABC 33/40 Birmingham WBMA and WKRG Channel 5 in Mobile. In Mobile, Craig won an Emmy, a National Edward R. Murrow Award, numerous Regional Murrows and Associated Press Awards too.

Craig is a graduate of North Shore High School and Sam Houston State University.

As for Faxas, according to her site, she will co-star in the CBS drama Person of Interest in a few weeks. Her episode will air October 21st. So she will be back on KHOU!


  1. I graduated from North Shore too! It must have been hard for her. I came from NY and that place was like living on another planet. I was there in the 80's though, she might be younger.

  2. Congratulations to Tiffany's new job as the station's consumer reporter.

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