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Thursday, October 02, 2014

November TV sweeps story ideas 2014

Don't waste time surfing for November 2014 TV sweeps story ideas, just come to

It's that time of year again when television news November sweeps are just around the corner. Here are stories I've been collecting for a few months to help you out with story ideas.

Now some of these are of a serious tone, but don't worry, I've thrown in a lot of cosmetic-type stories that stations across the US seem to love these days. Many of these stories will make their way around newsrooms across the country and possibly recycled in a few years.

Here is my advice...take these into your manager. Some of these will be catnip to them. They will purr and roll around in them. Others they might not like. In that case throw them down and say, "some idiot blogger had this on his site. I think they suck too." You'll be back in good graces.

Teens using lip balm on eyelids, 'beezin' to enhance being drunk, high
A new viral trend called "beezin" is apparently making the rounds. "Beezin" is when a person applies a light layer of Burt’s Bees natural lip balm wax on their eyelids.

To get better sleep, which foods should you seek and which should you avoid?
Sleep. Oh, to sleep. A good night’s sleep is often a struggle for more than half of American adults. And for occasional insomnia, there are good reasons to avoid using medications, whether over-the-counter or prescription.

'Superbug' Could Be Living In Your House
We’ve all heard about the super bug called ‘MRSA.’ We normally associate it with hospitals and locker rooms of gyms, high school, college and professional sports. But a new report suggests there’s another place you want to be careful about.

Sounds Good to Me Houston
This one hasn't already been done elsewhere...but a shop in Trader's Village offers old school hi-fi stereo equipment. It is a vintage audiophile's dream? Guess what, they say tapes are making a comeback with hipsters.

Put Down the Cell Phone, Mom and Dad
As parents, it’s often frustrating trying to break through your child’s attention span when they are absorbed by a cell-phone or other electronic device. And with the shoe on the other foot, you can imagine how frustrating it is for children when a parent is absorbed by a cell-phone.

Cracking the code on store’s price tags
A professional shopper says he s cracked the code to getting the best deal at popular department stores.

5 apps parents should delete from kid's phones
Trying to keep a reign on your kid's online activity is tough. Add smart phone apps to the mix and you'll be quickly overwhelmed.

Prescription for Error? I-Team Investigates Pharmacy Mistakes
Prescription pills are so small, but so powerful. Patients are faced with a big question each time they fill a prescription: Are the pills in the bottle going to make you better? Or hurt you?

Nail salon problems often go unreported
Problems at nail salons often go unreported because North Texans don't know where to file complaints.

Jiggle Tests, Dunk Tanks, and Unpaid Labor: How NFL Teams Degrade Their Cheerleaders
11 things we've learned from football's cheerleader lawsuits.

The brave new world of DIY faecal transplant
You would have to be desperate to take a sample of your husband's excrement, liquidise it in a kitchen blender and then insert it into your body with an off-the-shelf enema kit. This article contains images and descriptions which some might find shocking.

More high school graduates want breast implants
If you’re a parent of a soon-to-be-high school grad, then you’ve probably been inundated with graduation gift ideas from your teen.

Vermeer's paintings might be 350 year-old color photographs
Tim Jenison, a Texas-based inventor, attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in the art world: 
How did Dutch master Johannes Vermeer manage to paint so photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography?

Houston plastic surgeon says 'bro-tox' is perfect gift Dad
A Houston-area plastic surgeon not only administers Botox injections, butis part of the growing male population now getting wrinkle relaxers.

Scared of Flying? Face Your Phobia at Ellington Field
How one company, Flying Phobia Help, teaches you how to "model courage"—or at least fake it.

Holdouts a part of Houston's changing cityscape
In time, the two-bedroom/one-bath house will be dwarfed by an encroaching "urban village" planned next door with a mashup of apartments and condos, specialty shops and a boutique hotel.

Sex Without Fear
The new pill that could revolutionize gay life is reawakening old arguments.

Dentist offers new, 95% effective migraine treatment
Approximately 36 million people in U.S. suffer from migraine headaches. Twenty-seven million are wom

Local doctors using Botox to fight depression
“We didn’t want people who wanted free BOTOX, they had to be clinically depressed,” said Austin psychologist Michelle Magid who has treated thousands of people with major depression, as she explained a recent study that shows Botox can be used to fight depression.

Why You Should Slather Your Skin with Snail Slime
Snail mucus (or slime, or cream, depending on which translation you read) has been steadily growing in popularity in Korea as a beauty balm for the last few years.

UltraShape ultrasound rids body fat with no down time
It burned! That's the best way to describe older forms of ultrasound technology to remove fat cells. UltraShape has changed that. Recently it received FDA approval.

Baylor Study: Cell Phone Addiction is Real
Researchers at Baylor University say 'cell phone addiction' is a real thing, and women are much more susceptible to it than men.

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