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Thursday, March 27, 2014

KTRK abc13 studios shot at again; suspect in custody

KTRK abc13 building shot at again; arrest made this time

In February when shots were fired at the KTRK abc13 studios, I was the only one to report it at first (I don't think the other TV stations ever did). Today's shooting was a different case since it happened around 9am on the main street of Bissonnet.

PHOTOS: Images from KTRK channel 13 shooting

Hopefully this ordeal is over and no one will have to report on it again.

Reports say the female suspect in custody had a semi-automatic gun and was firing at the building from the sidewalk on Bissonnet. Bullets were found inside the building afterwards. The employees were on lock down inside understandably. There were no injuries, but a close call.

Luckily the security guards inside were able to close the gate apparently, so the suspect could not come closer to the building.

The station brought pizza in for the employees today.

News 92 is reporting that the suspect posted many wild theories about ABC News on her Facebook page.

For a few years, while I was working at the station, my desk faced that front window overlooking the Bissonnet side parking lot. I was told it was bullet proof. Hopefully that is true.

Here is the coverage from around the Houston media and beyond (heck this story is now national actually).

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PHOTOS: Images from KTRK channel 13 shooting

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