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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Images from KTRK abc13 shooting

Photos from KTRK channel 13 studio shooting

Here are photos from the second KTRK abc13 shooting rounded up from social media.

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  1. Huh, not what I expected, I figured it was some big white angry teabagging gun nut.

    1. Of course it isn't, because you're a self-righteous and biased man-child (or woman-child). But hopefully you will grow up one day.

  2. Didn't someone else shoot at KTRK here recently too. Somebody sure loves them lately.

  3. "I figured it was some big white angry teabagging gun nut" Which just goes to show how stereotype logic fails. Nothing like name calling and stereotyping to make people take notice of your message and give credibility to your arguments. Nice work.

  4. KTRK Ch. 13 needs stronger security NOW.


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