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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dr. Jim Siebert of Fox 26 KRIV gets down!

Dr. Jim Siebert of FOX 26 KRIV doesn't lip synch and still has the moves

Chief Meteorologist Dr. Jim Siebert of FOX 26 KRIV likes to dance. It's as simple as that. We both worked at KXXV 25 Waco in the 90s and let me tell you there are miles of blooper MII tape filled with Dr. Siebert getting down.

"Here's proof that I haven't changed over the years and frankly, I don't want to," Dr. Siebert told "At least I didn't sing this time, but you know that I still do!"

That is true. Those KXXV blooper tapes were also filled with full musical numbers too. What can I say, Dr. Jim is an entertainer at heart! Especially when taping teases or waiting for live shots.

I'm glad KRIV showed the clip on air. I say they are a Fox station, do more of it. They probably won't want to go this far though.

What's amazing is that according to his bio, Dr. Jim was legally deaf until the age of eight. goes on to say he spent much of his youth in hospitals, while doctors tried to figure out his hearing issues. He was about to enter a school for the deaf when doctors decided to perform a last-ditch surgery and it worked.

Post surgery, music has been a big part of Dr. Jim's life. The site says he plays the drums and once toured the world as a singer.

That's a great story that proves you should never give up and enjoy life to its fullest.

Catch Dr. Jim on FOX 26 News at 5pm and 9pm.

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