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Monday, February 11, 2013

KNUZ 1966 aircheck with Surf Knights who have new album

For those that remember 1230AM KNUZ, you'll love this (KNUZ 1966 aircheck here too). One of the bands that played on that classic station, The Surf Knights, is back with a new album, but most of the songs are 45 years old.

The Gulf Coast surf pop band was made up of Tommy George, Dean Cook, Gaston Robau, Richard Wyatt, and Paul Torres.

"KNUZ voted us as one of the most popular bands in Texas for Gulf Coast Surf Pop in 66 and 67," George told

Speaking of KNUZ, the band sent me a KNUZ aircheck interview they did in 1966 (embedded above). In fact, the day after this interview, The Surf Knights played at Sharpstown Mall. George says the DJ was Chuck McGregor, who might have/not been Buddy McGregor on air. If so, Buddy interviewed The Beatles on the set of Help and then sold the record of that on air. Yeah, Houston radio was pretty competitive back then.

The Knights signed with Decca Records and released the cult hit Houdini. But just as Greg Brady became "Johnny Bravo", The Surf Knights were forced to become The Dream Machine by the label.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, the surfs up again, but this time with Tom George and Dean Cook as the original members (Rick Lyons is now drums, Guy "Blues Man" is on the bass).

The Surf Knights' new/old album, Midnight Surf, can be ordered here.

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