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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sam Malone announced new radio show...sort of

Sam Malone, formerly of 104.1 KRBE, Mix 96.5 KHMX, 740 KTRH and KSEV 700, to get back on the air with new radio-TV show

UPDATE 2/11/2003: Part 2 of the announcement Sam Malone joins 1070 The Answer KNTH

Sam Malone is starting a new talk radio show according to a video announcement he made this afternoon, but we still don't know the full story yet.

The New Sam Malone Show from Daniel Soza on Vimeo.

Malone, a big name in the Houston radio business, can't escape the industry's claws apparently. In the video, he says that he received thousands of emails, phone calls and text messages asking for his return. He also says he's concerned with social issues like taxes and the economy and thinks his return can make a difference.

"To quote Michael Corleone: Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in," he wrote on his Facebook account this morning and then mentioned the famous quote again in the video.

Malone, who is now president of Phonoscope New Media, says he and the company will have a new "radio-television show." But he also mentioned when you are in your car, you will be able to hear "The Sam Malone Show" on the radio.

He ended the video saying we will know more about the new show in five days. Any guesses on a radio station or is Phonoscope going to push it out online too for phones or Internet enabled cars? UPDATE: After posting, I found what looks like a sales/marketing video that was produced a few months ago for the new "Sam Malone Show." It specifically mentions there will be a radio component. In the video, the fictitious station 97.3 FM is featured. Imagine the new Sam 97.3 FM KSAM. OK, maybe not.

Malone was let go from the 700 KSEV morning show last May (a story that made Top posts for 2012). He was replaced by The MACK Show with Richard Mack Machowicz who was just replaced in mornings by Edd Hendee who is making his return to the station.

Before that Sam was at Mix 96.5 KHMX and 740 KTRH, but he is most famously known for his 104.1 KRBE mornings tenure with Maria Todd. Todd went on to work at Mix 96.5 KHMX after Malone. She now works at News 92 KROI.

Anytime I write about Malone, someone asks the questions, should he have left KRBE when he did? In 2012, Sam told me leaving KRBE was not a mistake. He points out that owner Susquehanna Radio Corporation sold the station five weeks after he left. Anyone in the broadcast biz can tell you a station sale can shake things up employee wise. Malone believes the chance to work at 740 KTRH helped reinvent him as a talk show host which eventually led him behind the microphone at KSEV. He adds you can't work at a top 40 formatted station forever since it generally caters to the youthful audience.

UPDATE 2/11/2003: Part 2 of the announcement Sam Malone joins 1070 The Answer KNTH

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