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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

KIAH 39 staffers jumping to KTRK, KHOU, KRIV

I found out over the last few weeks that some KIAH 39 staffers have made the jump to other Houston television stations.

Damion Smith - KTRK 13

Houston Egyptian protestsJust when I thought no one was left to remember me at KTRK 13, the station keeps hiring my former KIAH 39 colleagues. The most recent hire is photographer Damion Smith who I worked with at channel 39 on the night shift (photo is of Damion and me working on a story together - thank you Ben Lutman for the snap).

Damion is a great guy, and I'm not just saying that because he is a fellow Baylor University graduate and star basketball player for The Bears. The first times we worked together, the entire conversation on the way to interviews was about BU. He told me things even I didn't even know about the school.

Smith is among several recent hires replacing some of the photogs who have disappeared from the KTRK roster...but that could be a whole separate post and we're keeping things positive and happy right now for Damion. You might also remember how one of the other KIAH night photogs I worked with, Matt Robbins, arrived at KTRK last spring, not to mention an entire list of 39 folks in other positions going to work for The Mouse in Houston. That means I have a bunch of people to eat lunch with still at the 13 Courtyard Cafe.

Previously Smith worked at KCEN in Waco.

Misti Moore - KHOU 11

KIAH 39 producer Misti Moore returned to her old home at KHOU in the same role. She left for KIAH in early 2010, and had been with Belo Houston since 2006.

Unfortunately I did not work with Misti close enough at 39 to have any great stories. Although I used to apparently walk up quietly behind her when she was at her desk and startle her. Moore is not the first to tell me this. I always mention this fact to my wife when she says I walk down the hall too loudly at night and will wake up the kids. My wife does not believe that I am a light walker at work.

Amor Lemus - KRIV 26

I've already told you that KIAH 39 assignments editor Amor Lemus moved up the dial to Fox 26 KRIV in late August. However I hear she is now the morning desk person at KRIV. So PR people, Amor is who you want to target with all of your phone calls to start out the day - just kidding. I should also mention that KIAH 39 assignments desk manager Joe Segura also now works at Fox 26.

As psychic as people think I am - I do not always know when people move jobs in TV news. So you have to let me know. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here