Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moving on from abc 13

I figure you have to go out on top, right? After winning my second Emmy for and two of my web sections winning 1st and 2nd place in the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Awards 2009, I have left Channel 13 KTRK in Houston.

What a great run at Houston's number 1 TV station. I learned a lot, accomplished a bunch and worked with some great folks. These were the fastest 8 years of my life! It was surreal putting in my two weeks, that's for sure. You do become a family and it was tough to say goodbye to everyone.

Monday was my emotional last day.  Thanks to Norma Ferguson and Julie Griffin for the big send off that afternoon and the entire web department the Thursday before!

What's next?  This blog will still be around - probably with some big improvements. I am going to stay at home with James for a while as a Mr. Mom.  Tuesday totally kicked my ass honestly.  I love him, but taking care of a 7 month old is tiring!  He's breaking me in, but I will love every minute.

I am also looking for web freelancing/consulting. I have folks wanting me to build them web sites and that is really cool. In addition, I am looking to consult businesses on how the Web, blogs and social media can help them.  I've done it for a big TV station, I can do it for others too.

Wish me luck.

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