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Friday, March 04, 2011

KTRK 13 grabs photog Matt Robbins from KIAH 39

The whole KIAH 39 and KTRK 13 swapping employees thing is continuing. Just last week I told you about KIAH 39 assignments editor Kristy Gillentine going to KTRK as a web producer (not to mention former KTRK-ers Mark Garay, Ben Lutman and David DeFranchi joining 39 in the last months - and before that Alex Radow going to KTRK plus all the others ahead of that!).

Here is this week's swap.

My good pal KIAH 39 photographer Matt Robbins is heading east on Westpark and will join KTRK 13 as a photog in the programming department in a few weeks. We got the sad/good news the other day at channel 39 (internally referred to jokingly as 13 West).

As a KIAH 39 reporter, Matt is the guy who makes me look good! When a press conference wraps up at 4:15pm or so and we have to get a package on for the lead of the 5pm news...Matt and I can get it done.

This is not the first time Robbins has been featured on the blog. Back in July 2009, I posted on how he was the first KIAH 39 multi-media journalists. In fact I think he was the first backpack journalist in the city at an affiliated broadcast station (not counting cable channel News 24 Houston or the former KNWS 51 mind you)! If I'm wrong on this, I know someone will slam me in the comments. If not, you can slam me for the fact I misspelled his name as 'Robins,' instead of 'Robbins' in that old post. Oops.

Outside of being great at his job, Matt is a good guy and someone I'm proud to call a friend. Good luck to Matt at my old stomping grounds, he'll work with a great bunch of people and have a good career there. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here