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Friday, January 14, 2011

Photog Ben Lutman moves down Westpark from KTRK 13 to KIAH 39

Call me a lucky guy. Ben Lutman was the last photographer I shot a story with at KTRK 13 and now I get to work with him at KIAH 39. That's right...Ben has moved down Westpark from KTRK 13 to KIAH 13!

As you can tell from the photo, Lutman likes to go pretty far to get a story. Here he is in Iraq covering the initial 2003 invasion. That vest came in handy while he was avoiding getting shot. He certainly deserved that Emmy win (one of many by the way)!

Lutman is a super nice guy, who works hard and actually cares about the story. Plus he's cool to be around.

Glad to have him on board. It's beginning to be a TV family reunion for me at KIAH 39 with Lutman and former KTRK 13 Undercover photographer David DeFranchi.

It almost makes me feel like another one of my former KTRK 13 colleagues could be showing up at KIAH 39 soon...

Former KTRK 13 Undercover photographer joins KIAH 39 News


  1. The guy's a great guy, great cameraman... just make sure to throw the gate WIDE OPEN when you welcome him in. ;)


  2. What is the latest on the latest on the Newsfix? I thought it was supposed to roll out in January. Now the month is half over.

  3. What happened to Ben at 13? I hear he was well liked and a hard worker.


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