Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Houston's Meyer Park shopping center partially demolished

I've been writing about the demise transformation of Meyer Park in southwest Houston for a few years now. In the 1990s when it was shining and new, it was a big time destination for food, entertainment and shopping. Lately, we have been watching stuff close, but there is a new life there.

This week part of Meyer Park was demolished. Everything in between Hu's Garden to Luby's. In the past those stores would have contained Warehouse Music and Phar-Mor. Now it is rubble.

I've heard rumors the Luby's is moving into a new building that will be built at a later date. Also heard a rumor about new apartments coming in. That Kohl's moving into the old AMC 16 Meyer Park space rumor I told you about in December is apparently true.

Clearly the developers have been waiting to fill the place up, so maybe they are going to totally transform it the way Meyerland Plaza changed in the 1999s. We will watch and see.

- TCBY in Meyer Park closes
- Chili's closes at Meyer Park
- Houston's AMC Meyer Park 16 movie theater demolished


  1. Mike, I go past there frequently. The only confirmed item is a new Luby's to be build right in front of the old one. There is no official confirmation of anything else, including Kohls. Other rumors include a new Academy, conversion of Randalls to HEB and replacing that god awful Wal Mart with an assisted living complex. The developers have been unusually secretive. So far they have not built anything taller than about 2 feet and those are bases for street lights.

  2. It would really be nice if they would start putting in things that some of the neighborhoods could use. How about a decent restaurant, a couple small retail stores, and maybe a wine bar or sports bar? Then, I wouldn't have to drive so far to see my sports teams play!!

  3. A Kohl's "coming soon" sign has appeared in the front of Meyer Park near Lubys and right next to a Tribble and Stephens sign. I guess the rumor is true!

  4. The old Luby's building was just torn down. The new one is almost finished. Kohl's is close to opening.

  5. I really wish we an idea of what was coming. 20 years of looking at this dismal shopping center is far too long.


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