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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lady GaGa parody from Baylor College of Medicine students hit on YouTube

Who knew we had Lady GaGa wannabes in the Texas Medical Center at the Baylor College of Medicine! Some BCM students took GaGa's Bad Romance song and made fun of graduate student frustrations. This video has more than two million views on YouTube now. Here is more:

Mary Wiese, Ph.D., a postdoc with Baylor's Huffington Center on Aging, impersonates GaGa and is accompanied by backup dancers dressed in safety gear fashioned from biohazard bags. The performers sing and dance their way through the research lab, a Baylor lecture hall and even the DeBakey Museum.

Their lyrics make references to unlabeled test tubes, ruined specimens, unpleasant smells and messy lab books – common experiences shared by grad students all over the world, according to the comments posted on the YouTube video site.

Stephanie Nemir, who graduated from Rice University last year with a Ph.D. in bioengineering and is now pursuing a medical degree from Baylor, does the actual singing. Though she never appears on screen, Nemir recorded both the lead and background vocals in the apartment of David Shim, the Baylor M.D./Ph.D. student who directed the video. READ THE REST
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