Friday, August 13, 2010

My KIAH 39 NewsFix Imaginator resume cover letter

OK here it is. I told you I was going to use your suggestions to apply for the KIAH 39 NewsFix Imaginator position. This is the job Tribune Company says will revolutionize news.

Thanks to everyone who has shown support for my application process - from those in the Houston media to bloggers.

Please comment your critiques on my cover letter for the Imaginator job. Think of it as your way to let KIAH and other TV news managers know what you are thinking. Considering what the job is calling for and the tone of the job description, should I cuss more? Be more rock and roll? Talk myself up more? Use proper spelling and grammar?

Here it is:

I saw a bumper sticker on Loop 610 last weekend that read "TV Sucks: Ride a bike." While I am not much of a bike rider anymore, I have to say much of TV does suck including local news. News viewers are not turning it on as much, not tuning in, only dropping out.

We can change that.

For NewsFix to work, you're going to have to hire someone like me who is tuned into the Houston community (even more rare, I am a native Houstonian). Things that work on TV/radio in Houston...only work here. Did you ever see a Marvin Zindler report?

My blog has more than 20,000 unique readers a month. I was voted top Twitterer in Houston by the Houston Press readers for 2009. Keep in mind that I am only some dude with a free account...imagine what I could do with a damn TV transmitter!

My bosses at KTRK used to say Mike McGuff is the best at merging television and the web. That's why I'm the only person in Texas to have two Lone Star EMMY Advanced Media Awards to my name in two years. Not only that, but I also won First and Second place in Best Online/Special Content from the Texas AP in the same year!

But before you throw my resume out because "I have too much TV experience" keep reading. What I'm saying is you need a guy like me who knows what's really going on in Houston and is connected. There are people in this city who would love to contribute to the newscast. Want investigative reports? Groups like Texas Watchdog are doing the journalism, NewsFix could provide the time. Want to know what hot new restaurant is going into that old famous building in Montrose? Swamplot has your answer. Want the latest society scoop, Culturemap knows.

I'm the one to bring all these parties together and actually get it on TV so viewers aren't being subjected to some guy giving his opinion on high gas prices in the predictable "man on the street" interviews. Don't even get me started on live shots at night where it looks like the reporter is reporting from their closet.

Speaking of the online world, you could totally dominate with what I can do. Wanna experience how much I know about online? This cover letter was crowdsourced. Yeah, I took reader suggestions from my blog for ideas on this letter. You think Tribune is getting buzz off NewsFix? Well so am I! In fact, I want to bring in a camera to record my job interview with you! This is why the trades and news sites as far as Seattle pick up my coverage of the coming KIAH revolution.

Together we can stop the brain drain and BS in local news. Hurry up and call me, the viewers are dropping like flies out there from boredom. Don't let that be on your conscience.

As promised, if I get called in for an interview, I would like to bring in a video camera for at least part of it to be shown on this blog (it would be great to get a few minutes of the NewsFix pilot on too). I'm also considering the dress code. They want rock n' roll so I was thinking about slinging my electric guitar around my shoulder and heading into the job interview. I guess that is for another post though.

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  1. You should go dressed into the interview as Kurt Cobain. Just leave the drug part at home.

    MC Guff in an untucked flannel shirt, hmm....


    KIAH = idiots if they don't hire MC Guff!

  2. Perhaps you could score a Jet Blue flight attendant uniform on eBay and bring a beer.

  3. Good Luck to you Mr. McGuff.

    Stan Chambers

  4. Mike,
    You embody everything the new media is all about and the fact that you want to meld it with local TV would be the biggest coup EVER for Tribune. If you could set this new product up for them, other Tribune and TV stations would benchmark the station. In my opinion, they're lucky that you're interested in sharing your expertise with them. Otherwise, just start your own TV station on the web. And that's not guff!

  5. "Don't even get me started on live shots at night where it looks like the reporter is reporting from their closet."


    Anyway, good job on explaining why your TV news experience isn't "detrimental baggage." Also, you are the epitome of "the pulse of the streets," and you did well highlighting that. As for what you should wear to the interview... One word: guyliner.

  6. Mike if you go into that interview wearing more than your briefs, then you'll be overdressing for the occassion. Imaginator is a 24/7 commitment. What imaginator would have time for primping much less dressing? You'll be too busy imaginating. If they can invent a word so can I. You're office will be your laptop with webcam or mobile device with unlimited data plan in one hand and starbucks in the other. Good luck!

  7. google me, bitch8/14/2010 11:23:00 AM

    Here's what your resume should look like

    Mike McGuff
    Expirience: Google me, bitch

  8. Dear, Mr. McGuff
    As a loyal reader of your blog, I would appreciate it if you did not fire me when you take over as my new boss.

    Thank you.

  9. This has the makings of something seriously viral. Finally, media sounds fun again.

    Good luck, Mike.

    Michael Berry

  10. First off: Ditch the idea of a traditional "cover letter" and resume.

    Provide them with a link to your blog, and clips of what you think would be good on local news.

    3rd: Show up to the interview in PJ's. Hell, it's what MSM types think we bloggers wear all of the time anyway.

  11. Sorry, Mike.
    It looks like the job has already been filled.

  12. It's been filled?! I haven't even applied for it yet! Please email me any info you have.


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