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Monday, August 02, 2010

NewsFix pilot debuts to KIAH 39 staff - terrorists referred to as 'bozos' in story

I have failed at crowdsourcing. No one has seriously contributed to my attempt at applying for KIAH 39's NewsFix Imaginator position. Does this A) mean I have no chance at the job, B) you don't want me making money, C) think I am nuts for wanting to apply or D) could really care less what I do and just come here for links.

I'll probably go with D).

So here is the coverage of when the NewsFix pilot (produced by the folks of WPIX New York) was shown to the staff of KIAH 39 in Houston.

From TVNewsCheck Sneak Peek At KIAH's Anchor-Less News:

In one story, the narrator refers to terrorists as "bozos." In another, a clip of fictional boxer Ivan Drago from Rocky IV is mixed into a story about the West getting tough with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. There are even clips from cartoon shows like Ren and Stimpy and animations from the JibJab website.

The pilot starts with a map of the Houston area with scattered icons representing the news stories to come. As the narrator introduces a story, an icon animates to reveal a series of clips with natural sound and sound bites to tell it. The video then squeezes back to a graphic screen, the narrator introduces the next clip and another icon comes to life.

Weather is handled with a split screen. One half shows dripping water; the other displays text, while a soothing voice delivers the forecast. Sports receive a similar split-screen treatment, with scores side-by-side with game highlights. READ MORE

By the way, I still want an interview for my Rock 101 KLOL documentary with Tribune Company's chief innovation officer Lee Abrams.

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