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Monday, August 16, 2010

TV news blooper: Reporter drops ice sculpture on live TV

Imagine a fair, a TV reporter doing a live report and the ice sculptor who has been working hard all day. Oops. The reporter, trying to be 'interactive,' touches the sculpture. It falls down, goes boom. Actually more than boom it disintegrates. The rest of the ice melts from the heat coming from the ice sculptors rage.

It's been debated if this is real or a hoax. Notice the cut from a closeup to wide. That's not going to happen on most TV live shots unless there are two cameras and in this economy...that is doubtful. Although the YouTube poster could have just edited some crap out to cut the length down. Notice the time in the corner does change abruptly at the cut.

Then again, there is no station logos on this screen. Although the station might have bumped out station branding in favor of the OC fair graphics coverage. Strange there is no station branding though. Being that it is the OC fair, I imagine that is Orange County, California, meaning it would be an LA station doing this. Which station is this? I looked at all the Los Angles TV station websites I could think of to ID the talent. No luck. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here