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Thursday, May 23, 2024

KPRC 2 loses 12 staffers in buyouts

KPRC 2 Houston

KPRC 2 Houston has 12 staffers leaving July 1, 2024, after a buyout offer sources tell

KPRC 2 changes management structure

This number includes the previously blogged about departures of legendary chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley and news director Bernice Kearney

These buyouts also include individuals who work diligently behind the scenes in various departments such as sales, engineering, news photography, and creative services. Some of these individuals even hold crucial management-level positions. 

Says one staffer, there goes a ton of leadership and knowledge at once.

There has been speculation that KPRC 2 owner Graham Media Group was offering buyouts.

As blogged earlier today, KSAT 12 San Antonio announced six on-air talents are retiring in the next month, most likely as a buyout. We don't know if more behind-the-scenes staffers were included in this group, too. 

So what is a buyout? defines a buyout as:

"When an organization needs to reduce their expenses or workforce, they have several options for ending employment, including buyouts and layoffs. A buyout allows a company to boost the morale of current employees while maintaining positive relationships with those that are accepting a buyout."

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