Saturday, January 08, 2022

KHOU 11 Morning News replaces #HTownRush

KHOU 11 Morning News

KHOU 11 announced its morning newscast #HTownRush name is going away, with KHOU 11 Morning News taking over.

I mentioned back in October that it looked like the name #HTownRush was barely clinging to life since there was no mention of the name in the press release when KHOU 11 hired Jennifer Reyna.

Looking back in my blog archives, #HTownRush started around 2018. 

Now I am not one who believes a name matters when it comes to a newscast. I doubt anyone is tuning in (or not) because the newscast has a good or bad name.

However, in this case, I think ditching #HTownRush is a good idea.  

It only seemed to be a negative for KHOU from what people told me, or I saw online from Houston television viewers.  Now, the name couldn't be the only negative. Format changes that were ushered in with the new name appeared to be part of the problem too. This impacted its ratings too from what I understand.

And to top it off, even managers at other Houston TV stations were making fun of the show and name when I talked to them. Now yes, all the stations are fighting it out for ratings and are competitors, but outright laughter is more unusual in the local TV world.

In case you haven't tuned in to #HTownRush lately, here are the new anchors hired within the last year:

- Kimberly Davis joins KHOU 11

- Dave Froehlich joins KHOU 11

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