Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Erika Lopez is pregnant

Erika Lopez

Erika Lopez, KVUE Austin chief meteorologist, paused her weather forecast for a minute the other day to announce she is pregnant.

Erika Lopez gives birth to first baby

"I have some big news, I have butterflies, but I don't know if they're butterflies or if it's the baby kicking in my belly," Lopez said on the 5pm KUVE newscast to anchors Terri Gruca and Bryan Mays.

Both news anchors guessed the baby is a boy.

Well, as they say, roll the video tape, because what followed was one of the more interesting gender reveals I have ever witnessed (embedded below in this post).

"There's 11 hard eggs and one raw egg," Lopez described in the pre-recorded gender reveal video with her husband Otto Staudt.  "We're going to take turns smashing it on her face and then the raw egg will be the gender."

Well, Lopez was the "lucky one" to find the correct egg and smash it in her forehead.

For those who are wondering, Lopez is having a baby boy to add to the KVUE news family. 

"I just had a feeling," Mays added. "You seem like a great boy mom. A great mom regardless. But it seems like you would be a great little boy, mom."

"I am totally going to be a crazy soccer mom," Lopez replied.  "Like, I cannot wait to be in the sidelines just yelling and embarrassing my boy."

Lopez's baby boy is due in December 2021.

Staudt and Lopez were married in 2019 while the meteorologist worked for KVUE's TEGNA sister-station KHOU 11 Houston

Lopez returned to KVUE to be chief meteorologist in 2020 when Albert Ramon left for News Nation.

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