Wednesday, April 07, 2021

David Yeomans in GQ, Jim Spencer on CW's "Walker"

David Yeomans took over the KXAN Austin Chief Meteorologist job from the retiring Jim Spencer a few months ago, and he is already featured on GQ!

“It was surreal to be selected as GQ’s meteorology expert and critique how accurate the science is in movies like Twister,” Yeomans said on the station's website. “I first saw Twister as a kid and must’ve watched it 40 times on VHS. To go from watching it then, to watch it in this setting, it dawned on me that I have fully realized my childhood dream of being a meteorologist.”

That's right, the newly minted Central Texas chief met was brought in my the digital division of the famous men's magazine for a 47-minute edition of the “The Breakdown” on YouTube. For the web series, Yeomans takes a look at movies and explains whether weather events in these films are realistic or not.

KXAN reports the flicks Yeomans dissects include:

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Day After Tomorrow

The Crown

Only the Brave

Twister (his favorite)

The Wolf of Wall Street

War of the Worlds

The Impossible

Dante’s Peak


So how does an Austin, Texas weather talent hook up with GQ?  KXAN says it was Yeoman's Instagram account that got him noticed by the magazine.

What's next, Jim Spencer appearing on the CW's new "Walker" show?  Oh, that is really happening.

I guess California is really moving to Austin after all. 

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