Sunday, March 28, 2021

MeTV Houston now on 51 KYAZ

MeTV is leaving the KPRC Houston digital sub-channel 2.2 world for a main television station on 51 KYAZ.

A note on the MeTV site reads:

"Houston Viewers: MeTV Houston will be seen on a new channel starting Monday, March 29th at 4am.  You will find MeTV with your TV antenna at 51.1; Comcast Xfinity channels 2/616 HD/1051HD; DirecTV, DISH and AT&T on channel 51; SuddenLink on channels 16HD/9/14/15/22/54."

Chicago-based owner Weigel Broadcasting Co. bought KYAZ 51 in November 2020 which has been an Azteca América affiliate.  

The company also purchased KAZD-55 in Dallas (also an Azteca América affiliate) and will also put MeTV on channel 55 DFW starting 3-29-2021 according to the network's website. MeTV has been airing on KTXA 21.2.

Weigel describes MeTV as:

"MeTV is America's number-one all classic television network, reaching more than 95 percent of the country via broadcast stations, cable and satellite. From classic westerns to beloved sitcoms and vintage science fiction, MeTV boasts more than 50 different programs every week. Millions of viewers trust MeTV as the go-to destination for memorable entertainment television."

KPRC reports the station is moving Start TV from 2.4 to 2.2 to fill the void.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Start TV to our viewers here in Houston,” said KPRC 2 Creative Services Director Natalia Egan on the station's website. “Start TV’s inventive lineup presents some of the most compelling female heroines in television drama, portrayed by award-winning actresses who have captivated audiences season after season.”

It's unclear what will happen to the many digital sub-channels that have been airing on KYAZ 51.

That's not all the changes in the digital sub-channel television world.  In Houston, and other TV markets, you might notice the same networks airing on different channels.

That's because The E.W. Scripps Co. purchased Ion Media and started moving the Katz digital multicast networks to the newly acquired stations.

Ion Plus, Qubo and Shop Ion had the plugged pulled on them in late February.  Now you might notice Court TV, Court TV Mystery, Grit and Laff suddenly on channel 49 KPXB and on their original  stations.  

MeTV is in 16x9 wide screen compared to the more compressed version before.  Azteca América is now available as a channel 51 sub-channel. Also, a reader told me he was not picking MeTV up on 51.1.  I told him to re-scan his TV.  It worked. He sees the network now at the new location.

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