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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Madd Hatta Show on 97.9 The Box?

UPDATE August 03, 2020
Madd Hatta to advise KTSU The Vibe

Madd Hatta interviewed on "The Jimbo Podcast"

The Madd Hatta Morning Show appears to be off the air after nearly 20 years - replaced by "Good Morning H-Town" with Jerrel ‘Hardbody Kiotti’ Brown and Keisha Nicole

I'm beginning to think 97.9 The Box KBXX is taking a play from director JJ Abrams and introducing "mystery boxes" to confuse the audience and get them excited about changes with the station's new morning show.

Last week, I blogged that longtime Madd Hatta Morning Show player Jim Beazy announced he was leaving the show. I actually saw his brother's post about it and tried calling Beazy over the weekend, but did not hear back from him.

Then there was talk across the Twitter-verse that the entire Madd Hatta Morning Show was off the air. The actual show staff was very quiet about it on social media. Many just posted inspirational messages that suggested something big had just happened and they were looking to move on.

A mutual friend reach out to Madd Hatta for me, but no information was offered. I contacted both KBXX and owner Radio One and never heard anything back.

Then I started getting emails and Facebook message asking me what was going on with the very popular morning show.

At the time of me writing this post, the Madd Hatta Morning Show is still listed on the KBXX website and on the programming schedule.

So what's going on with Madd Hatta and 97.9 The Box?

"Good Morning H-Town" with Jerrel ‘Hardbody Kiotti’ Brown and Keisha Nicole morning show on 97.9 The Box KBXX

In this case, we can get some answers from Lance Venta of the leading radio trade site Radio Insight and from tuning in January 6th.

Monday, Venta posted: "Without any promotion or internal marketing, KBXX debuted its new morning show this morning hosted by former night host Jerrel ‘Hardbody Kiotti’ Brown and midday host Keisha Nicole."

Kiotti has been hosting the “The Radio Boss Show” 7pm to 11pm weeknights and Saturday Mornings from 10am-2pm on 97.9 The Box. The Houston native was formerly signed to Asylum Records. Venta reported Kiotti also hosted nights at “Party 104.9” KPTY before he joined The Box in 2010.

"As far as the behind the scenes, I really see how much stuff that we do for the community," Kiotti told rollingout in 2019. If you grew up in Houston, 97.9 was your station. If you were able to play for the dynasty in any sport, 97.9 is the dynasty. PERIOD."

Keisha Nicole came to KBXX in 2017 from Hot 96.3 WHHH Indianapolis. She also worked for B96.5 WGZB Louisville and KDAY Los Angeles.

The only schedule change on the KBXX website is that Young Jas from the Hatta Show is now in the night slot taking over for Kiotti.

The Madd Hatta Morning Show

While the Madd Hatta Morning Show has had various lineups through the years, the most recent group was as described on the KBXX website:

The Madd Hatta (Host), J-Mac (Freestyle King), Jimbo (News, Goofy stuff), Kooper (Producer) and Young Jas (Entertainment News).

Benjamin Thompson (aka Madd Hatta, Da Madd Hatta, Mista Madd) has been with KBXX since 1995 when he worked the afternoon shift. The rapper and producer moved to the morning shift in 2001 when then KBXX program director Robert Scorpio left the "Box Morning Playas" show for Los Angeles. The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University grad is also the Assistant Program Director at Radio One sister-station Majic 102.1 KMJQ and host of "Super Throwback Party." Madd Hatta was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2013.

Jim Kovacik (aka Jim Beazy) has been with the morning show longer than anyone. He even pre-dates KBXX being a station. The University of Houston grad worked for 97.9 KFMK in the research department. But in 1991, the then oldies-heavy adult contemporary format (my Mom listened to it) flipped to KBXX The Box. Beazy worked overnights and on the Box Morning Playas where he continued with Madd Hatta.

On his bio, J-Mac is listed as an entertainer, comedian, musician and award-winning radio personality. A fixture on Houston’s airwaves for nearly two decades, first at KMJQ and as a key player on the highly-rated Madd Hatta Morning Show at KBXX.

Contact me if you have more info. Stay tuned.

petition at was created asking for support in getting Donnie Houston added to the 97​.​9 The Box Morning Show:

Donnie Houston has long been a stalwart in the Houston entertainment community. Whether he’s been producing hits for your favorite rappers (Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Sauce Walka, etc), DJ’ing your favorite night spots (Faces, 5015, Alley Kat, Heinke & Pilot and Phil and Derek’s) or entertaining you with ground breaking interviews and content on his popular “The Donnie Houston” podcast and WeWork “Heart of a Hustler” series, he’s been actively keeping his ear to the streets and giving us content that is not only entertaining but informative. Which leads me to this, the 97.9 The Box morning show is going through a transition from the old to the new, yet there’s something missing. That something is Donnie Houston. The resumé speaks for itself, now it’s time for the streets to speak for Donnie so he can in turn speak for us on 97.9! Please sign this petition in support of getting Donnie Houston on the 97.9 The Box Morning Show.

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